Individual psychotherapy is offered to adults, adolescents and children.
All of our clinical staff are involved in providing individual psychotherapy.
Individual therapy is available to discuss family of origin issues, current
family conflicts, addictions (substance abuse, gambling, and sex or
pornography), depressive disorders, anxiety disorders (symptoms
of panic, generalized anxiety, social fears, phobias and post traumatic stress),
self-esteem/self-confidence, anger problems, job stress and psychotic
disorders, just to name a few.


Couples may be seen for marital and premarital counseling and for a variety
of relationship issues including communication, step-family concerns,
parenting concerns, financial issues, trust issues, sexual intimacy, emotional
support, and understanding family of origin issues and other problems and
concerns couples may have.


Children can be see individually or with their families. Parents often seek help for
their children when they experience problems such as school problems,
disobedience and behavioral problems at home and/or at school. We evaluate
attention problems including ADD or ADHD. We also work with relationship
problems between children and their parents, teachers, siblings, and/or peers.


We have several counselors who have many years of experience working
with adolescents. A wide range of adolescent problems including family
problems, parenting/discipline, school problems, relationship issues,
rebelliousness and disrespect, substance use/abuse, self esteem issues,
and educational or vocational goals can be treated. Adolescents may be
seen for individual and/or family therapy.


Families often seek treatment because there is a significant conflict within the
family, often focused on a child. Family therapy provides a way for the entire
system of the family to be evaluated for issues of trust, boundaries, parenting
skills, communication, how to fight fairly, how to address differences of needs for
different family members. Family therapy is for families who need help
getting along or when a member of the family isolates, or is overly involved.
All of our clinicians work with families regularly and we have two therapist
specially trained in family therapy.


We have many staff members with group therapy experience and our
psychologist has extensive group experience. Group therapy may be
offered in the areas of anger management, adolescent or preadolescent
issues, couples groups and support groups. These groups are created
as need arises within the clinic or the community.


Our psychiatrist is available to provide evaluations and treatment for many
disorders using medications. Common disorders that medications have
been found to be useful in treating are; depressive disorders, anxiety
disorders, attention disorders, and psychotic disorders. Medication
evaluation and treatment is available for older adolescents and adults.



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